Ezy Bid Auctions terms & Conditions

Bidder must be Registered Prior to any auction to enable bidding on Ezy Bid Auctions.

Please allow 24hrs registration time before bidding on auction.

A registration number (that is your designated bidder number will also be your password for login)

Your bidder number will be sent via email for you to use on any future EzyBid auction.

Highest Bidder will be the Buyer

The highest bidder for each or any lot shall be the buyer except where there is a reserve price or the lot is withdrawn.

Auctioneer may refuse bid or bidder

The Auctioneer may, without giving any reason, refuse to accept the bidding of any person or persons.

Withdrawn Items

Vendors may withdraw any item from sale at any time.

Meanings of lot Descriptions

Lot descriptions with words" A/F or Untested" give meanings such as, A/F (meaning all faults or possible faults with items in the lot) 

Untested means (may work or may not work) item/s are untested in that lot.

Faults or Wrong Description

All lots are sold as they are, and the sale shall not be invalidated by reason of any defect or faults in any of the lots by reason of, any lot/s being incorrectly described in the catalogue or elsewhere, or missing parts or quantities, and neither the seller/s or EzyBid Auctions shall pay compensation in respect of any faults or errors of description, parts or quantities.

Lots at Buyers Risk

Each lot shall be at the buyers risk from the timed lot ending and the buyer shall pay, by bank transfer, efpos or cash, for the lot in full before delivery or pick up and the buyer shall remove the lot at his own expense within 3 days of the time of sale. Not with standing that the lots are the buyers risk from the fall of the online hammer, or time of the sale, the seller/s or EzyBid Auctions reserve the right to restrict access to the lot prior to payment in full for the lot/s.

No lot/s goods shall pass to the buyer until all payments are cleared by EzyBid Auctions bank.


The buyer shall pay GST on any lot, unless indicated.

Responsibility for Removal

The buyer is wholly responsible for any damage to property or injury to persons incurred during the removal of any lot or lots purchased, including damage or injury caused by their agents or employees.

Conditions of Entry

All buyers or members of the public enter the Auction location or Vendors premises entirely at their own risk. Buyers and members of the public are warned of the possibility of dangerous machinery, chemicals etc being present in the Auction Room or any Vendors premises. People may not be familiar with the surroundings - please be careful!

Failure to comply with Terms

Upon failure to comply with any of the terms, the money paid, shall be forfeited to the owner of the lot, therefore paying all expenses and the lot shall be resold by the Vendor or EzyBid Auctions and the deficiency (if any), arising upon the resale together with the expenses, shall be made good by the defaulter at this sale.

Buyers Premium

A Buyers Premium applies to each item sold. The buyer’s premium will be stated at the beginning of each auction run, (normally 15%) However the buyer’s premium can be different if described on the individual lot in any auction (changes on a lot will be clearly described in the description).

Time to be the essence

Time shall be the essence of the sale of any lot. EzyBid Auctions currently run timed only auctions.

Collection of Goods

Collection of goods must be paid & picked up within 3 days for auction lot ending. (unless arrangements are made with EzyBid Auctions prior to bidding)

Postage or delivery can be arranged for smaller items or larger boxed lots, However lots must be paid within 48hrs after auction & delivery/postage will be quoted asap. 

Winning the lot & failure to pay

If you are the winning/highest bidder of any lots in any auction held by EzyBids Auctions.

You have agreed to pay the total due to EzyBid Auction within 3 days from end of auction.

EzyBid Auctions will charge a $10 p/w fee for every lot past due. 

Any overdue payments will be accumulated with time with a storage fee rate of 5% every week until a claim in court is finalized.

Head this term in our legally binding contract! IP Address are taken at registration & at every auction. 

You have agreed to theses terms when you register with interbid to bid on EzyBids auctions. If you cannot pay please don't bid!

Payment of lot/s

Payments can be made with Efpos, Bank Transfer, Cheque, Cash, Internet Banking, (Card payments incurs 2% Surcharge). You can pay prior to picking up any lots via bank transfer or pay at time of pick up. (Bank transfers or Cheques need to show in EzyBid Auctions bank before picking up any paid lot/s)

Bank transfer details

Peoples Choice Credit Union - Name: EzyBid Auctions - BSB: 805 050 - Account: 102364650

Packing for deliveries

We charge $5 per box for packing customers lots for delivery & we add this to any delivery cost that we quote you. This takes time & we pack with care. 

The cost also goes to packing materials.

EzyBid will always take the best care in packing however we are not liable if any items are broken from transport/deliveries. 

If you are concerned about breakage or loss of any deliveries you can ask for insurance to be added to the delivery cost.

Occupational Health and Safety

It is the buyer’s responsibility to comply with the Work Health and Safety Act (WHS) 2012. EzyBid Auctions and vendor warn any buyers that no lot offered shall be deemed to be fit for use. It is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure that all lots purchased are tested and or comply with the Work Health and Safety Act (WHS) 2012.

No Warranties or Representations

No warranty is given or representation made as to the state, condition, quality, fitness for purpose, merchantable quality or compliance with legal or regulatory requirements in respect of any items comprising the lot by the vendor or EzyBid Auctions (or their respective employees or agents)

To the maximum extent permitted by law, all conditions, representations and warranties implied or imposed by law are expressly excluded.

No liability will be of EzyBid Auctions if any such lot is found to be a counterfeit or reproduction. However we do our best to avoid such an item occurring.

Buyers must make their own independent inquiries and obtain their own advice in respect of all matters pertaining to the items and hereby release and indemnify (and agree to keep indemnified) the owner, the external administrators of the owner and EzyBid Auctions from any claim/s of any type arising out of or in relation to the items purchased by the buyer.

Any registered bidder signed up EzyBid Auctions has been deemed to have read & agreed with all the listed Terms & Conditions on this page.

Terms & Conditions are legal & binding from any time they are listed on this web page.

Terms & Conditions can change without notice but will be current if listed on this web page